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Relief From Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities

Case Study: Successful Terminal Cancer Treatment

Sandi Radomski reports in an article on the national EFT web site about the complete recovery from a terminal cancer case where the doctors had given the patient the "Medical Last Rites."

I don't want to suggest that Allergy AntidotesTM is a cure for cancer, and standard medical treatment should be sought in this case. However, Allergy AntidotesTM can be a valuable complementary treatment in support of the immune system to help the body identify and eliminate cancer cells.

Our immune system is often overtaxed by unnecessarily fighting off harmless allergens that the body mistakenly views as a threat. This uses up energy that the immune system could be using to fight off the cancer cells. Allergy AntidotesTM can relieve the immune system of this false burden and free up its energy to be used more productively.




Stefan Gonick, EFT Counselor, Trainer and Mentor, has seven years of training in group therapy, Couples Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EMDR and other body-centered psychotherapies. Stefan has 13 years of experience helping clients heal their emotional issues and as a workshop leader and has been running The Art of Relationship Encounter Group for 8 years.

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(located in Western Massachusetts, near Northampton)