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Relief From Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities

Case Study: Persistent Coughing Interfering With Sleep

Sandi Radomski reports:

"One patient with a persistent cough that interfered with her sleep had tried numerous medications, to no avail. She tested sensitive to wheat. After merely avoiding wheat she was able to sleep through the night."




Stefan Gonick, EFT Counselor, Trainer and Mentor, has seven years of training in group therapy, Couples Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EMDR and other body-centered psychotherapies. Stefan has 13 years of experience helping clients heal their emotional issues and as a workshop leader and has been running the Art of Relationship therapy group for 8 years.

• Westhampton, MA 01027
(located in Western Massachusetts, near Northampton)