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Relief From Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities

Case Study: Difficulty Losing Weight

Sandi Radomski reports:

"In my practice, I have seen many people who finally are able to lose weight once they identify and then eliminate foods to which they are allergic. One very overweight patient was very slowly losing weight through Weight WatchersTM. She would barely lose 1/2 pound each week. She tested allergic to many foods, including wheat, corn, spices and dairy. She was only willing to eliminate wheat. Her weight began to drop quickly, and she lost 80 pounds in several months."

Note: Any allergic food can cause weight gain and/or make it hard to lose weight. Also, it is not always necessary to eliminate foods to which you are allergic. Often you can be treated for the food allergies and go back to eating those foods. 




Stefan Gonick, EFT Counselor, Trainer and Mentor, has seven years of training in group therapy, Couples Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EMDR and other body-centered psychotherapies. Stefan has 13 years of experience helping clients heal their emotional issues and as a workshop leader and has been running The Art of Relationship Encounter Group for 8 years.

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(located in Western Massachusetts, near Northampton)