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EFT Borrowing Benefits

What Is the "Borrowing Benefits" Process and
How Does It Work?

The following is Gary Craig's, the founder of EFT, explanation of Borrowing Benefits.

In Gary Craig's own words...

Stay with me on this one. This procedure has the potential to....

  1. Allow many people to achieve substantial emotional freedom IN THEIR LIVING ROOMS without having to become an expert in the fine points of EFT.
  2. Dramatically accelerate the deep (core issue) work that can be done in groups.

It's not perfect. Not everyone will get dramatic results and oftentimes people will need professional guidance to maximize the process. But, in my experience, most people should benefit in a big way. It's also easy ... very easy ... to do. In fact, many people can get solid results without knowing a thing about EFT. I wish I had thought of this before.

While I will be developing the idea below with some personal experiences, let me state up front that it involves tapping along while someone else is undergoing EFT. Interestingly, if you keep your own issue "in the background" while tapping for someone, you will likely resolve your issue EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE TAPPING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM. You will, in effect, be creating your own parallels and "Borrowing Benefits" from someone else.

Here's how I came across the idea....

A few months ago I had the occasion to demonstrate EFT to a group of 15 newbies. I asked for a volunteer to work with me in front of the group and "Laura" agreed to explore a highly personal, very severe abusive issue from her childhood.

Interestingly, this diverse group had nothing in common with each other. They were strangers from all over the U.S. who had gathered together as part of a large conference to explore personal improvement. My demonstration was a small subset of this larger conference.

Since I didn't have much time (about 30 minutes) and since I wanted to give them as much personal exposure to the EFT procedures as possible, I thought I would try an experiment. I asked each of the audience members to tune into a specific event in their past that was still bothersome to them. I asked for the most intense one they could find and then had them rate the current intensity on a 0-10 point scale. They ranged from 7 to 10.

I then had each of them make a mental movie of this event and write down titles to their movies as well as their 0-10 intensity ratings. This whole process only took a few minutes and allowed everyone to "tune in" to an issue they could tap on.

Then, while working with Laura, I asked the audience to tap along with us AS THOUGH THEY WERE TAPPING FOR LAURA'S ISSUE. They were to say the exact same words and to tap in the exact same places JUST AS THOUGH THEY WERE LAURA. My speculation was that each person would make some headway on their own issue because I had primed them to have "in the background" awareness of it. I was hoping their systems would draw useful parallels from my session with Laura.

The results both puzzled and surprised me. After delving (for 20 minutes) into many aspects of Laura's issue THAT WERE SEEMINGLY PERSONAL AND UNIQUE TO HER, we finally achieved emotional freedom on her specific event. As a test, I asked her to go outside the room where she could be by herself and literally try to get upset. When she came back in, she was all smiles and could not bring up any trace of her previous tears, anger, etc. We had successfully collapsed the charge on her intense issue--including all the aspects.

Out of curiosity, I asked each audience member to tune back into their original specific events. To my delight, all of them...and I mean ALL of them...reported 0's and 1's on their previously intense issues (remember--they were originally ranked from 7 to 10).

How could this be? After all, THEY WERE PRESUMABLY TAPPING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S ISSUE. They weren't digging into the nitty-gritty details of their own nasty event. Nor were they using any customized language or specific detective work to uncover their own core issues. There were no apparent tears or anxious moments, either. They just sat there tapping along. Nonetheless, they all reported dramatic results. Their previous issues became non-events in minutes.


Then, about a month ago, I was giving a two day workshop at the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference where Marcia Platt agreed to work with me in front of 75 people on a business success issue. As an experiment, I asked the entire audience to pick out a specific event of their own. And, just like with the Laura example above, I asked them to TAP ALONG WITH MARCIA AS THOUGH THEY WERE MARCIA. There was no requirement that these events be business related--they could be on anything.

In typical fashion, Marcia and I quickly landed on a specific event with her father that was foundational (core) for her business issue. It had many aspects, of course, and I spent 20-30 minutes tapping on every piece I could find while, all the while, THE AUDIENCE MEMBERS TAPPED ALONG USING THE SAME TAPPING POINTS AND THE SAME LANGUAGE AS THOUGH THEY WERE MARCIA.

At the end, I asked how many noticed dramatic results on their individual issues and 70% of them raised their hands. This translates to almost 100% because 25-30% of the audience had been "tapped out" after a two day tapping workshop and chose not to tap along. Thus most of those participating reported dramatic results.

Fascinating, eh! I just called Marcia for a followup and she reminded me of the numerous people who came up to her afterwards and commented on the parallels between her situation and theirs. Mind you, the details were obviously different BUT THESE PEOPLE'S SYSTEMS APPEARED TO MAKE THE NECESSARY PARALLELS. Thus they got major benefits just by following along. Painless but profound.

To me, it is undeniable that major benefits can be gained through this method. Not only do people tune into their own parallels during this process but we also must recognize the spiritual concept of Oneness at work here. We are connected. We are One--even though it seems otherwise.

Hugs, Gary

P.S. Here's a possible CAVEAT: This technique may bring to the surface other issues that need addressing, perhaps ones that you may not even be aware of. This happens rarely but such possibilities can occur, so if you find yourself becoming more upset during the course of this exercise rather than the other way, know that you have an opportunity which may be very useful for you. In this case STOP IMMEDIATELY and use this situation to go deeper (or get help from a qualified professional). Unless you can identify a new aspect that is surfacing for you and address it directly, you might try tapping on, "Even though something else bothers me about this..." .. This can be a way of unearthing hidden aspects of a problem and clearing them systematically -- a bonus of sorts.

More on Borrowing Benefits

Gary Craig continues his explanation below.

Hi Everyone,

I received many enthusiastic responses to my recent introduction of the "Borrowing Benefits" feature of EFT. For many, it represents a big step toward speed and efficiency in the delivery of these procedures.

Simply stated, the process allows someone with little or no experience in EFT to tap along while someone else is undergoing EFT (e.g. in a session, seminar, group or video) and often experience profound benefits. This is true even though the issues being tapped on appear to be widely different. This does NOT suggest that professional help should be avoided. Rather, it proposes a tool that could substantially aid the therapeutic process.

Here are some further thoughts/benefits regarding this idea.

  1. For many people, the process allows an additional measure of emotional safety. As you know, EFT is normally quite gentle but a few people people tune in to some pretty intense stuff and it takes awhile to bring them down. With the Borrowing Benefits feature, however, the client merely identifies their issue and then taps along with someone else on an issue that is seemingly quite different. Thus a sort of detachment is injected into the process while the client's original issue is being addressed "in the background."

    This, in my experience, helps to minimize any unwanted intensity while still getting the job done. The process may or may not give complete resolution to an issue but, properly done, it is likely to at least take the edge off (probably much more). Very efficient. Very useful. Very humane.

  2. This can also be a superb way to conveniently get at core issues so that truly deep work can be done. This ability depends, of course, on how thoroughly and creatively EFT is being applied. If the person undergoing the direct treatment is fortunate enough to be in the hands of an EFT Master, then the odds for true deep work increase for all parties involved. The Masters of this process have learned to search for and relieve those pesky aspects, core issues and bothersome remnants that show up with complicated issues.

  3. An easy way to tap along with creative EFT sessions is to pick certain sessions out of your EFT training videos. As you know, these videos are filled with actual sessions and many of them are quite involved. You can identify your own issue and then tap along with the video while IN YOUR LIVING ROOM. Interestingly, the subject matter of these sessions doesn't seem to matter because your system tends to draw its own parallels. If you want, though, you can tap along with several of them.

As always, I must caution that some people should not attempt any form of healing technique without the presence of a skilled professional. Thus, you must take responsibility for any use you make of EFT.

Hope this helps.

Love, Gary

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