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Get Pregnant Naturally – A Weekend to Enhance Your Fertility
Combining EFT, Acupuncture, Network Spinal Analysis & Pravada Sound Healing

Date/Time: October 24 - 26, 2008
Location: Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
116 Johnson Road
Falls Village, CT 06031 (map)
Cost: $800 $400 for an individual and $1400 $700 for a couple


Are you...

  • Struggling to get pregnant due to infertility issues?
  • Wanting to maximize your chances of having a successful IVF?
  • Having trouble carrying a baby full term due to miscarriages?
  • Wanting non-drug, non-surgical help for getting pregnant?

Consider a holistic, all-natural approach that goes beyond western medicine (but can work in conjunction with it)

You start with a powerful weekend retreat to address internal hormonal and emotional imbalances that may be interfering with your fertility. The work continues as you make permanent, positive changes in your thought patterns and lifestyle, changes that greatly enhance the likelihood of successfully getting pregnant–and of a happy birth.

Emotional Stress Can Significantly Reduce Fertility

Emotional stress puts the body into "fight or flight" mode. This shifts the body's resources towards fighting or fleeing and away from "non-essential" activities like reproduction. In fact, an Emory University study showed that 80% of infertile women began ovulating again once they addressed the emotional stresses that were interfering with conception. Our four practitioners help you address these components, including hormonal imbalances, from different angles, and each brings unique gifts to look at other issues, such as physical health.

Success Story

"Mary" and "John" had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for five years before seeking EFT therapy. Over the course of three one-on-one EFT sessions Mary identified and relieved her intense fears around giving birth due to one of her relatives having had a very difficult and dangerous labor. She relieved her fears and doubts about her ability to care for an infant. She uncovered and released an intense anxiety that her husband would love their baby more than her that she didn't realize that she had. These were all significant sources of stress that she was experiencing while trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Two months after relieving these fears and anxieties with EFT, she got pregnant and ultimately delivered a healthy baby boy. This case illustrates how relieving fears and anxieties about parenthood and the birthing process can lead to conception and a successful birth.

Participate in a supportive comfortable atmosphere with other people also trying to get pregnant…in the company of knowledgeable certified health professionals with a demonstrated track record of success in infertility treatment.

Couples, singles, and alternative families welcome. What better environment to finally start your family? We are here to help you get pregnant.

More Information and Workshop Registration

To get complete information about this healing retreat for infertility, including more success stories, please visit our Get Pregnant Naturally web site.

Individual Sessions Available

In addition to this workshop, I also provide one-on-one sessions using EFT to treat infertility and help you get pregnant or carry full term. These sessions can be done over the phone very effectively.


Client Testimonials:

"I have experienced wonderful benefits from working with EFT clearing old memories from the past. I trust Stefan in the process to guide me through to the other side and help me to release past hurts and wounds. I have finally come to a place of being able to live with a joyful heart most of the time. Stefan is a gentle and intuitive healer who is gifted in helping others to open the door to healing." Sollena K Morginn, Life Path Coach

"Stefan makes it easy to do EFT because he is incredibly intuitive and supportive. Even the deepest and most painful memories fade away or even appear funny after a session. I notice major changes after every session, and just after a few sessions I have developed a new calmness and self awareness that I don't ever remember having in my life." Client Testimonial


Testimonials for EFT

Dr. Mercola has used EFT with thousands of patients in his renowned Optimal Wellness Center. He wrote regarding applying EFT to help patients lose weight:

"We have used EFT for several years now with astounding results... It is the most universally effective approach I've ever found to handle the emotions that can block weight loss."

Other quotes:

"As a Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health, I find that EFT is the most effective technique with the quickest results that I've ever experienced." Trish Murphy

"I have overcome panic disorder, depression, and a host of other issues quickly, and amazingly. My family thinks this is great, and my wife wishes I would shut up about it sometimes, but it is hard when you are so excited." Bill Torp


Pre-registration and Payment Information

To get complete information about this healing fertility retreat and to register, please visit our Get Pregnant Naturally web site.

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More information

EFT never ceases to amaze me! The process is gentle and often provides benefits where other methods fail.

— Dr. R. Vergini, MD

Your emotional health, your success in the world, and your level of joy can all be dramatically enhanced by shifting the energies that regulate them. That is the promise of the fascinating new field of [EFT].

— David Feinstein, PhD

STEFAN GONICK, Expert EFT Practitioner, Trainer & Soulmate Attraction Mentor

• Westhampton, MA 01027 (located in Western Massachusetts, near Northampton)